TASTING MENUS: Links from the two sessions at our one-day conference at Central Saint Martins on 14 July 2016

Posted on July 19, 2016

Make, Do and Bend was all about inspiring people who work in the arts to explore new ideas around digital technology, live performance and audiences.

We invited six people to put together a tasting menu of three projects that they thought were really inspiring examples of best practice in this area:

: a project they’ve been involved in that they’re really proud of

Main: a project that they wish they’d been involved in, because it’s awesome

Dessert: a project they thought offered a really interesting audience opportunity

Our chefs for the day were:

Nick Ryan – Sound Artist

Louis Mustill - Founder & Director of Artists & Engineers

Mike Shorter - Senior Creative Technologist, Uniform

Kealy Couzens – Creative Project Leader (Data), Sound and Music

Jack Churchill – Creative Lab Technologist with Ogilvy Labs

Glenn Max - Producer


 Nick: Jame’s Boag’s Meteorphonium

Louis: Ladies & Gentlemen (we are floating in space) - by J Glazer and J Spaceman for the Creators Project
"My role in this was Technical Director for One of Us (pre Artists & Engineers)"

Mike: The Postcard Player 
"To start we will have something I am very proud of. To make this we chuck a whole heap of interesting things in the pot. Some cables, a bit of cherry wood, an arduino, the finest quality paper, and to finish, a good healthy glug of conductive ink. This is one for the physical music connoisseur."

Kealy: White Cane - Slamanda Tandem

Jack: Alphasphere, take a watch of the video.

Glenn: Convergence 2016


Nick: The Encounter by Complicite/Simon McBurney

Mike: Unravel by Found
"For the main event we shall sample something that I wish I was involved in, something truly individual and captivating. In the mix this time is some 600 songs, the flavourful Aidan Moffat, a fully automated band and a sprinkle of creative genius, all finely sieved through the Internet of Things."

Louis: Ayrton Senna 1989 Ghost lap today on Suzuka circuit - Sound of Honda

Kealy: Run the Jewels ‘Crown’ 360 Video and SubPac

Jack: Jukedeck, watch the video.

Glenn: The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream



Nick: Adrift

Mike: Polyphonic Playground by Studio PSK
"Let’s finish with something sweet. This is a playground for adults, beautifully crafted both physically and sonically. This project shares some similar ingredients to that of the starter - the perfect finish."

Louis: Jacob Collier Live - Streaming 360 from youtube space LA - Visuals produced by Artists & Engineers. NB Due to licensing this content isn't current publicly available.   

Kealy: Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s graphic guides

Jack: Conductor360and the Conductor 360 app

Glenn: Top 10 Websites/Programmes that allow musicians to jam or collaborate online

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