DEMO PREVIEW: Uniform’s Timbre, Postcard Player and Grip

Posted on July 08, 2016

One of the most exciting opportunities at Make, Do and Bend next Thursday 14 July will be the chance to get hands-on with some extraordinary tech. Here’s a taster of three things you will be able to demo, all brought into the world by the wonderful company Uniform: an emotional radio that plays music dependent on your mood, a postcard player and a virtual reality coaching experience that aims to bring elite sports training to everyone.


Uniform is a design and innovation company based in Liverpool and London employing more than 50 specialists from strategy to brand, film to CG and creative technology to marketing. Over our 18 years, we’ve worked with some of world’s most respected and exciting organisations, from Carlsberg to Canary Wharf Group, The FA to the Natural History Museum, collaborating with them to develop new and interesting ways for them to communicate with their audiences. Our work in innovation is celebrated across the world - with us regularly presenting at SXSW, the largest innovation and tech conference in the world, and MIPIM, the world’s biggest property festival. We’ve been a finalist in Designs of the Year, and our pioneering work consistently wins national and international awards.


In exploring the various relationships (both good and bad) humans will develop with AI in the future, we developed Timbre, an emotional radio that plays music dependent on your mood. Spotify’s open API allows Timbre to find and play the happiest music for your good mood, and the gloomiest tunes to wallow in if you’re down.

The Postcard Player:

The Postcard Player is a prototype that demonstrates how paper electronics can enable new interactions with digital media. Combining the analogue spirit of vinyl records and music cassettes with the tactile qualities of print production and the breadth of digital data and services, The Postcard Player uses paper electronics to enable people to listen to digital music in an engaging and physical way.


Grip is an internet-enabled virtual coaching experience. This prototype is not an answer to, but a question exploring how relatively new technologies like the Internet of Things and virtual reality can work together to grow sport at a grassroots level, in this instance, bringing elite training to everyone. Grip features the world’s number one climber Shauna Coxsey and her coach Mark Glennie.

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